Oh that hits the spot

I guess it’s Hoptober. This beer is fantastic, and goes down just soooo easy.


Other Half Brewing Amarillo: Nice and light malt background gives way to a bright and citrusy, if simplistic, citrus and light mango finish. A-

I like my IPAs in cans

But not the ridiculously trippy ones like Hop Showers. That’s too much art going on.


Dem Trading Muscles

Gotta stretch them out just like every other muscle.


Birthday beers…

A couple friends celebrated their birthdays earlier this week, so we dropped by Tin Bucket just like good old times.

IMAG1191 IMAG1192

The beers did not disappoint. Pugachev Royale is right up there with Rare in its current state too. Green Man Snozzberry was also fantastic, very similar to Block 15’s version, so close that I don’t think I could tell the difference if I were to do a tasting blind.

Machinima Nostaligia and beer

A few days ago a friend and I were talking about Red vs. Blue, a machinima series that was absolutely hilarious and filmed using Halo. So the next day we decided to watch the series again and bathe in the nostalgic feelings.


Block 15 Sticky Hands: This batch is fantastic, and doesn’t drink like an 8% beer at all. I also hear that regular cans are in the works? I’ll take Sticky Cans any day of the week!


Lawson’s Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine: This is an old can, sooooooooo it pales in comparison to the super fresh Sticky Hands. Wasn’t even a fair fight, hops had faded a bit and it just wasn’t the same.


Block 15 Cassidy: Finally getting around to trying Block 15 beers from a few releases ago. This has a great funky nose that carries into the taste with a moderate amount of tartness. I really like this, it’s like a Block 15 sour had a child with an Upright sour.


Block 15 7th Anniversary: Okay, this is even better than Cassidy. Definitely more subtle and nuanced than the more aggressive Cassidy, which actually isn’t that aggressive in its own right.


OEC piece of crap: Yep, it’s terrible, just like my ability to manually focus a camera.


Prairie Pirate Noir: This is really good, and a good way to finally get into Stoutember for the night. Sweet and chocolatey with good bourbon presence.


Deschutes The Abyss 2010: God, this beer is still one of my favorite stouts, they just don’t make em like this anymore. Bitter dark chocolate with some oak and bourbon, but perfectly balanced. Stouts nowadays have gotten so much more aggressive in their flavor profiles, with big hits of one or two flavors, leaving well balanced stouts by the wayside. A+


Cycle Brewing Pallet #2: Not even close to 2010 Abyss. Not. Even. Close.


Casey Brett Loves Citra: OH THANK GOD THE STOUTS ARE OVER! Very tasty dry hopped sour btw.

This trend ain’t so bad.


I really could get used to the crowler craze. 32 oz. of draft only beer to go? Well sign me up.


Sending beer

First day back to bouldering in way too long. Since the gym was setting up the bouldering area for a competition this past Saturday, they had closed most of the walls in order to set the competition problems. As a result I was forced to do something called, “sport climbing”, also known as, “oh my fucking god I’m going fall and die because I can’t make this next move even though its super easy just because I’ve been climbing for 30 feet already and this is bullshit”.


This basically sums up my thoughts on sport climbing.

Anyways….I got back to bouldering and I climbed really well! So, that kind of celebration calls for beer!


A 32 oz. crowler of Barley Browns Forklift will do the trick. Viscous and resiney with a huge hit of citrus. I feel good.


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