Peaches and Cognac


de Garde The Peach b1: Yep, this is the original batch with cognac barrels. I heard that this beer has gone over the hill and I’m afraid that is the correct situation. While very tasty, this beer has gotten a little acetic. The huge cognac finish more than makes up for that, but this beer was probably in its prime a few months ago. Oh well, I know where my last bottle can go where it will be very appreciated.

Brace of de Garde

dsc_23361 dsc_23371

Both super fruity in their own right, but Nectarine Premiere is getting quite sour, while The Kriek is still gloriously cherry and cinnamon forward. I blended them for science and the results were. not. positive.

Wow, blown away.


Hill Farmstead Nordic Saison: Hands down the best batch of Nordic Saison I’ve ever had, and one of the best things I’ve had from Hill Farmstead. I would honestly drink this over most of the Flora variants I’ve had. No joke. Light tartness, super dry, and funky for a beer of this style. It’s basically perfect. Let’s get SARA to barrel aged this and then we’ll be ready to go plaid.

Long Live the Mustache.



This mustache was 3 years old, so we had to celebrate its passing with a beer that was the same age. I guess 3 year old Cantillon Classic Gueuze is really tasty, but that’s not what this is about.


Rest in peace my friend.

Loving that Beaver.




I guess Midnight Sun Berserker is aight. Guess one of the OG adjunct stouts just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I Love Beaver.


Viva La Beaver is an alcoholic version of reeses puffs with cinnamon. 8 year old me would crush this, as would 27 year old me.