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An Aggressive Dining Experience

I currently find myself in Chongqing, China. It’s upstream of the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River and is home to a population of 31 million…also more commonly known as a metric fuckton. If I were describe this city in one word, it would be “hot”. This place is a goddamn furnace with temperatures over 100 with really high humidity levels due to the two rivers that flow past the city as well as the proximity of lot of jungle and pandas. The food is hot as well, so hot that after a meal your lips are red and swollen and you can feel your own pulse through your lips. Then there are the girls, they are also hot. If I were able to withstand the ridiculous temperatures, I would probably never leave and land myself a hot asian girl.


Anyways, about my aggressive dining experience. Nick and I decide that we’ll drink some beer at dinner and play some gin. We started eating at 7, and what was supposed to be a fairly long 2 hour meal escalated into a 7 hour marathon where 12 liters of beer was consumed. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the metric system, 12 liters is approximately 3 gallons. The beer itself was fairly tasteless, similar to Heineken Light, but was the perfect instrument to cool our burning mouths. The result of drinking 12 liters of beer is pretty interesting. In no particular order, we invited some girls who cut our hair earlier that day to drink with us, got Nick to pet a cat (he is very allergic to them), broke up a fight, tried to drink with security guards despite running out of beer, me dragging Nick to the nearest sidewalk after seeing him fall over in the middle of the street, watching Nick crawl about 100 feet on his hands and needs, and that’s just about it.


Oh wait, he also fell on his face right outside the apartment and all he said while he was down there was, “I give up”. Essentially, Nick lost the will to live after we walked the girls back to their apartment. But hey, look on the bright side, it’s 4PM now, and he still hasn’t left his bed yet. Yahtze! Additionally, we are going out with the same group of girls tonight to celebrate some gigantic holiday that everyone has been gearing up for for weeks.


Should be fun

The Stoic

Deschutes has set the release date for it’s reserve series Belgian Style Quad for August. I’ve been excited about this beer for about 6 months now, so it’s safe to say that I will buy a case of it, drink some, and age the rest for the “best after” date on the bottle.

For a full writeup, check out the link below.

Care Package Updates

So…remember that care package I mentioned a few posts ago? It turns out that Matt left for his Europe trip before he received the package, so Dave and Jason are stuck waiting until he gets back from his trip in order to cash in on the tastiness. They can only hope that Matt’s dad doesn’t get curious and drink all of the brews, despite the fact that imagining Matt’s dad drunk would be absolutely priceless.


Currently in Hong Kong, going to check out that buiding that Bruce Wayne jumped into in “the dark knight”, hopefully a crazy dude in a suit tries to pull of the same thing while I’m there. If not, I can just sit back and watch my friend Nick get harrassed by Arab street vendors trying to sell him a “premium” quality suit.

Beer…I needs it

20 days without a good beer and counting…I think that I might be dying due to a lack of tasty tasty stouts in combination with mild alcohol poisoning due to an abnormally high intake of whiskey and scotch.


Oh well, gotta get my fix somehow right?


Here’s a funny picture from china to keep you entertained.

little buzzed…

Hey guys, not much to talk about here in Shanghai that’s related to beer besides the fact that people here in shanghai love paulaner brews…..weird right? Especially because Beijing beer geeks love belgain brews.


going out to a big club tomorrow…will probably just drink a lot of tea and whiskey, but you never know…

Sad news for Deschutes

Turns out that Deschutes’ head brewmaster, Larry Sidor, has decided to leave Deschutes after 8 years of hard work with the Portland, OR brewery. He’s known for creating notable/legendary brews such as The Abyss, The Dissident, Mirror Mirror, Hop Henge, and many others.

Deschutes is going to take a tough hit with this one, and I’m personally biting my nails at what might happen to my favorite brewery.

Larry, good luck with your new brewery. We all expect the beers you create there to be just as epic as the ones you made during your time with Deschutes.


Gawd Damn

Holy crap….I need a beer. A real beer, none of this light chinese beer that lacks real substance or an imported german beer which, while tasty, is just extremely boring.

Give me a stout, IPA, or the funkiest sour you can find.

Plzkthnxwtfbbq sauce.

Updates in terrible-beer land

China is great so far, but there really isn’t much here in the way of the darker, subtler beers that I like. On the other hand, there is a perfect beer to go along with all of the different foods that I’ve been stuffing myself with. That beer, is Yanjing Beer.


Imagine a tastier version of natural light. Crisp, refreshing, but not much in the way of taste. Sounds terrible yes? Kind of, but when you are eating tons of extremely spicy food all you want is a water-like beer that will take the edge off. Anything with any sort of depth would just get washed away by the incredible amount of peppers that go into the food.All you want to do is relieve some of the burning.

Mission achieved with Yanjing Beer.

My grade: C

My grade + spicy food: B

My Bodyclock is Broken

Beijing, China….A city with roughly 17 million people who all have the same general look and height as me. Awesome. Did I mention that the time difference between here and Portland is 15 hours? Yep, which brings me to the realization that I fell asleep at 9PM local and now I’m awake at 3AM posting about beer and food.

Nick and I arrived around 5PM, got to my cozy little flat at 6PM, and went to get some food at 6:30. We went to one of my favorite places to eat spicy wings and lamb kabobs in the city. These things are boiling magma hot temperature wise and are spicy enough to destroy your taste buds for about an hour after your meal is done, but that’s okay, because nick and I drank 2.5 L and 2 L of beer respectively. That’s right. We each drank over two and a half LITERS of beer over a simple meal. I’m really jetlagged, but I’ll take a picture of the brew and give it a real rating at some point.

干杯! (means cheers, or quite literally, drain your cup)