I took my friends to Upright Brewing earlier this week, curious to see what they would make of saisons/farmhouse ales, which most people do not have very much exposure to. They thought I was being super nerdy when I took them to the place, partially because you have to be looking for it to find it, and that it was located in the basement of a bank building. They also enjoyed the fact that while Upright could have been a super hipster and unenjoyable place to be, it wasn’t. It was just a place for beer lovers to gather and sample some eccentric beers.

Two glasses of blended Stout of Monte Fisto and one glass of Seven

I’m really not in the mood to do a review right now, but I’ve already reviewed Seven, so if you want to look back a couple/many posts, you can find it. As for Stout of Monte Fisto, it’s good. Really good. I’m wonder what the barrel aged unblended version will taste like. Just gotta wait until my next tasting to find out I guess.

Grade for Blended Stout of Monte Fisto: A-

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