Oatmeal in a non-stout beer?!

Sure. Fuck it. Why not?

Also, watching Moneyball as I write this review. Really, really good movie.

Unfiltered. Good start.

Description: Burnside Oatmeal Pale Ale is brewed with copious amounts of Crystal, Galena, and Fuggle hop varietals. This is a clean dry Pale Ale with low bitterness and lots of hop flavor. We have chosen to add 75 pounds of locally rolled oats to increase body and give our Pale a sweet creamy finish.

Beer: Oatmeal Pale Ale

Brewery: Burnside Brewing

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.6%

Location: Portland, OR

Appearance: Reddish amber with a half finger of head. Opaque due to the unfiltered nature of the beer.

Aroma: nice and piney. Little bit of citrus as well, but I don’t really notice it unless I think about it really hard while I smell it.

Taste: Really tasty. Nice hop profile, with some sweetness and roasted flavors provided by the malts.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with moderate carbonation. The oats used in the brewing process really give this beer a smoothness not typically seen in a pale ale.

Drinkability: Almost a perfect session beer in my opinion. Lots of flavor to keep things interesting, but not too much that it would destroy your taste buds. Refreshing and moderate alcohol content make it easy to drain a few bombers. I can’t wait to have this during the summer.

Beer Advocate Grade: N/A

My Grade: A-

  1. I tried this beer after reading your review. It’s a really solid beer. It is super smooth while still having a nice hop bite. I agree- in the summer this is going to be a winner, if only I could get past the fact that their label is basically some sort of sexy ICP tail lady.

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