Cat-sitting is dangerous.

My friend recently went on a business trip, leaving me in charge of feeding her cat. Sure, why not, how hard can it possibly be? You walk in, feed the cat, clean the litter box, and pet it a few times before retreating to the comfort of my apartment.

Miss kitty had different ideas.

I sat down to pick up some puzzle pieces that this cat had decided to scatter around the room, and while doing so, the cat ran up to me, jumped on my lap, and bit me in the face. Naturally, I was kind of shocked at this unwarranted act of aggression. To make this better, while I was probably making a shocked/confused face, miss kitty decided to bite me on the nose again just to drive the point home that she was boss.

I got the hell out there and promptly had a beer. You would too if you just got your ass handed to you by a 7 pound cat.


Beer, better than neosporin.

Description: Burnside India Pale Ale has plenty of malt body and is thoroughly hopped with 6 varieties of the herbaceous perennial. Expect to taste notes of pine and grapefruit.

Beer: India Pale Ale

Brewery: Burnside Brewing

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.6%

Location: Portland, OR

Appearance: Amber/orange, I can’t really decide which one it is, but it is pretty extreme. Zero head.

Aroma: Hops with just a little malt.

Taste: Hops, not much else.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with high carbonation

Drinkability: I want the oatmeal pale. Want.

Beer Advocate Grade: N/A

My Grade: B

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