And suddenly…drunk

My plan for my Saturday was pretty simple, go get lunch with a friend at the food carts, stop by Upright Brewing for a pint, and then go to a friend’s house to play some Settlers of Catan. What happened in between my lunch and Catan pretty much exemplifies why the Portland beer scene is awesome.

Porchetta for lunch. Fantastic way to start an afternoon.

Now off to Upright! While my friend and I were walking in, I was telling him how I can usually walk into a bottle shop or bier cafe and know at least one person that’s hanging out there. To prove my point, my friend Seth was there enjoying a brew.

Okay, pints one and two achieved.

While I was talking to Seth I found out that Midnight Sun Arctic Devil was in stock over at BeerMongers, one of my favorite bottle shops. Alright, now a second stop has suddenly made itself known on my way to my friend’s house. To make things better, while enjoying my beer at Upright 3 more people walked in and recognized us, so we chatted a bit before heading out.

Ah shit. This isn’t BeerMongers! Oh well, might as well finish this pint.

Well, to be fair, Hair of the Dog was kind of on the way to BeerMongers, and Seth told me that a sour beer by the name of “Bob” was on tap. I’d never had Bob before so we decided to drop by. Bob was tasty, but nothing spectacular in my opinion. Maybe it’s just because I was coming from Upright and had the Single Cask Four, which is phenomenal.

Whew, now to go to BeerMongers, pick up my Arctic Devil, and go play some Catan.

I finally get there, and walk into the guys I met at Upright, along with a bunch of other beer geeks that I know. Well shit…tasting beer ensues.

So what initially started out as a lunch trip and a pint before playing Catan at 2PM turned into a “let’s drink around Portland” afternoon, lasting 4 hours and change, making me arrive for Settlers at a solid 5PM and change.

What started out as this:

Turned into a less severe version of this:

I was in desperate need of recovery after that afternoon.

UPDATE: I hate my friends sometimes.

    • Kelly
    • February 29th, 2012


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