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Done and Done.


Blend Love

Went straight over to Upright after work to pick up some Blend Love. So the journey begins:

At this point I’m wriggling with anticipation

Then I walk in and find this:


Okay, not really, but the line for the tasting room was absurd. So naturally, I go in, get my case, talk to a few beer geek friends that I found there, and then got the hell out. Oh well, I’ll just drink one later tonight from the comfort of my apartment. You know, where I don’t have to wait to get my alcoholic fix. I’ve also reviewed this beer in the past, so I got ZERO pressure this time. w00t.

Disney and Beer

Do you know what pairs well with a sour beer? The Emperor’s New Groove!!!! Huzzah!

Man I love this movie. Also, beer.

Description: A Flanders Red Sour Ale with pronounced sourness, offset by a cascade of beautiful, complex flavors. Spontaneous fermentation imbues Rouge with hints of stone fruit, cocoa, apple and cherries. Oak barrel aging for a minimum of 18 months imparts a gentle vanilla note.

Beer: Cuvee des Jacobins

Brewery: Brouwerij Bockor N.V.

Style: Flanders Red Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Location: Belgium

Appearance: A very dark ruby with no head, just a little ring of foam around the edges.

Aroma: Some funk, but mostly dominated by sour cherries. Also notes of oak, vanilla, and spice come through. Don’t know much about this beer, but after smelling it I’m a little excited.

Taste: Whoa this beer is sour, enough so that the back of my jaw tingles when I drink it. Besides the huge sour punch it tastes like cherry pie, maybe a little on the vinegary side, but I got over it quickly.

Mouthfeel: Prickly and light. High carbonation and ends a little dry.

Drinkability: Even being a sour geek, this is something you can only finish a small bottle of. Anything more and I’d have to find a buddy to share it with.

Beer Advocate Grade: A (94)

My Grade: A-

Going to my happy place

Rough day at work the other day, so I went and got a burrito and had a pint over at BeerMongers. I felt pretty good afterwards!

Disregard the labeling on the glass please, it’s not a Sierra Nevada beer.

Beer: RPM

Brewery: Boneyard Brewing

Style: IPA

ABV: 7.5%

Location: Bend, OR

Appearance: Bright gold with 2 fingers of frothy white head. Opaque, and under the light it looks like the beer itself is alight.

Aroma: Pine, grapefruit, and some orange as well

Taste: Just what I needed after a long day. Very fruity with low hop bitterness. Grapefruit, orange, with a side of caramel.

Mouthfeel: Very crisp, with moderate carbonation. Suits the flavor of the beer very well.

Drinkability: I almost filled a growler on the spot…I would have if I had a growler in my car.

Beer Advocate Grade: A- (93)

My Grade: A-

Lazy beer

I was really lazy and wanted a tasty IPA. Normally I would sniff out a place that has Boneyard or something, but this time I was only energetic enough to walk across the street to the store to pick this up:

Not bad for a 2 minute trip!

A little pick-me-up

Awfully long day today, so after work I mosied on over to Upright for the newest Sole Composition release. This particular beer is Five aged in the barrels that were used to make Fantasia. Bottle count 120, and I bought three, meaning that I walked away with 2.5% of the entire release. Oh how I remember the days when I thought spending $15 on a beer was ludicrous…now I don’t even flinch. Is that a bad thing? After thinking long and hard about it, I have to answer with “not necessarily”

Awful day to good day in 60 bucks flat.

Videogames are the best wastes of time

God. Mass Effect 3 is amazing. Pairs especially well with my homebrew!

Weird Beer

A pair of weird things today. First of all, I noticed that New Belgium is coming out with a really strange beer. Here’s the label that is being proposed:

Really, really strange. But, I love lychee fruits, so regardless of how this beer turns out, I’m going to snag a bottle and experience the strangeness myself!

On top of that, I had #2 of Elysians beers of the apocalypse. It is a heather ale, and it tastes like tree. Not in a terrible way, but it was completely new and weird to me. I don’t know what to make of it. I like it, but I also don’t like it.

Sour beer how I love you

Blueberry was released in bottles today, and I have been waiting for that beer to come out for some time now. Naturally, I went over, grabbed a glass, got a few bottles, and a little somethin’ somethin’ for a lucky beer geek on the east coast.


Another little bottle share

Kind of a weird theme, but we tried to get a few Oyster beers going. Other people just brought whatever they felt like.

Smallish lineup, but perfect after that mess that was the Bruery sour tasting from a few weeks ago.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Troegs beer, so this is a nice refresher. Lots of raisins and bananas here, but the banana just lingers forever after drinking the beer. Didn’t like that part much.

I’m usually not a big fan of Cigar City brews, I find them to be terribly over hyped. However, this beer was by far the best beer of the group. Really, really delicious with lots of rum and dark fruits.

Super weird beer. Brewed with spinach. Smells of typical Fantome horseblanket/wet sock but is really tasty. Can’t drink very much of it though. At the end of the tasting I drank the yeasty dregs from the bottom of the bottle for fun. I regretted my decision immediately afterwards. Blegh

This beer had the most stupid description I’ve ever seen. To sum it up, it used techniques from all over the world with all of the flavors that exist in beer.I will say this, super malty and weird. Too big of a beer for me I think.

An older batch of Oyster Stout from Upright. The current batch is significantly better than this one. This beer was kind of metallic tasty with very little briny smell and flavor. This beer made me a little sad, I really, really like the batch available now.

Smoky and delicious, but if you told me that this was a regular stout or a lightly smoked porter I would believe you. Zero oyster. What the hell is going on?! I want my beer to taste like ocean!

Palette cleanser, I think it smelled much better than it tasted. Tons of amarillo on the nose

Ah the smell and taste of ocean. This beer is super briny but the heavy malts hold up to the supercharged dose of oysters. I’d probably put this beer at #2 or #3 of the day. It was also huge…at 1.5 liters, we ended up pawning a bit of it to the other people in the bottle shop. No way a small group of people were going to finish such a huge beer after all we had already been through.