One of my best buds and brewing buddy, Mark, got into medical school! News this good demands celebration! Time for some funday monday!

Deschutes Jubel 2010: A+ beer. It was pretty good when it came out, but currently it’s drinking fantastic! Might be my favorite barleywine after Mother of All Storms. This beer is flat out incredible.

Block 15 Super Nebula: Another A+ beer! God we’re going strong so far! I haven’t had this beer out of the bottle before, and haven’t had it since it was released at the brewery in February. Super roasty, with big chocolate, bourbon, and smokey notes. This beer is great, but I think it could get even better over some time.

Apricot Seven: Another good beer! Somewhere in A-/B+ territory. Just the refresher we needed between the other two big beers. Slightly tart, with some nice oak and apricot flavors.

Our 3rd A+ beer was found in Hair of the Dog’s Bourbon Fred From the Wood. I’m sensing a theme here with all of the beers being barrel aged. I wonder if the next beer is also barrel aged?

Short answer: Yes. Mother of all Storms. Best. Barleywine. EVAR!!! 4/5 on A+ beers for the night!

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