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This is why you don’t trade

It’s addictive.

This is $200+ of beer and none of it is for me. Ugh.

Post climb beer

Rock climbing is fun, but getting beer after climbing certainly makes things better!

Logsdon Seizon: perfect for an after-climb beer. Light crisp and refreshing without being boring (B/B+)

Logsdon Seizon Bretta: I always forget how delicious this beer is. Poops all over the regular Seizon (A)

Casual Birthday Drinking

One of my buddies from the tasting group I’m in had a little get together to celebrate his birthday. There was tasty food, tasty beer, a cute kitten, and a dog that hated me above all other things in this world. So par for the course then!

What a hell of a start! Drie Fonteinen Scharbeekse Kriek!!!! It’s my favorite kriek and this time is no different. Soooooo good. Only Lou Pepe Kriek from Cantillon comes close. A+

A 1991 sour beer from a belgian brewery that no longer exists…and it was carbonated!!!! It was also tasty, definitely couldn’t tell it was super old, but it did have this earthiness that most sours don’t normally have. A-

Side note: That gueze basket is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in all of beer geekdom. Someone should have taken a picture of my face when I used it to pour my glass. I need one of these. NEED!

Hopcat Kiwi Berlinerweisse: Crazy interesting beer. Didn’t taste so much kiwi as just some insanely tropical citrusy thingy. It was good though. B

Dogfish Head Noble Rot: Don’t really recall many details about this beer honestly….must have been distracted by trying really hard to pet the doggie that hated my guts

Bruery Chocolate Rain: Hoooooly crap this beer is a monster. 19.4%, with Black Tuesday as the base beer. If I recall, it’s barrel aged with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans. It’s much better balanced than Black Tuesday, with huge chocolate notes and vanilla to top it off. Probably the most chocolatey beer I’ve ever tried. Boozy, but surprisingly tame considering how strong this beer is. DO NO TACKLE THIS BEER ALONE. A+

Firestone Walker Abacus: The famous beer that had to change its name because some wine already had trademarked the name “Abacus”. Tasty, but I think fresh Sucaba (the new same for the same beer) is better. I feel like some of the subtle flavors from the beer were missing from Abacus. B+

Big Black Voodoo Daddy: Super roasted stout! B

Coney Island Human Blockhead: I don’t think barrel aged lagers are my thing. Apparently this beer is much better aged than fresh. B-

At long last! Figaro!!!

After an eternity of waiting along with multiple release delays, Cascade has released Figaro! It’s a blonde ale that has been soured and aged in chardonnay barrels with orange peel and adriatic figs added.

Left is Figaro, right is Elderberry

Figaro is pretty good, with orange some some dark fruit presence (fig?), along with a nice punch of sour. Hides the high alcohol content very well. All the delays with the bottle release make me worry that the bottle is going to very different from the same beer on draft. At $25 bucks a bottle, I’m going to wait until someone on BeerAdvocate tries it before I open mine.

Black Butte XXIV on nitro! It’s like a chocolate milkshake with some lingering bitterness. It’s good, but the regular version is better. I want to do a side by side of the two, but at 11% a piece, doing 24 oz of it would kill my ability to drive home 😦

Another Open Tasting

Aaaaaaand we’re off!

New England Brewing Gandhi Bot: So bitter and delicious. (B+)

Some German Berlinerweisse….but it wasn’t bad (B)

My homebrew saison: tasty, but it could use a touch more carbonation. Might want to add some crazy yeast to it next time as well

Homebrew Berlinerweisse: Delicious and wheaty! Cheers to Aaron for bringing it

Captain Lawrence Hops N’ Roses: pretty good, better than I was expecting. Can’t believe this bottle costs 15 bucks though (B+)

Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett: Tasted like tree, chocolate, and funk (B-)

Crooked Stave Blackberry Petite Sour: Had this beer before the fruit beer festival, and it’s better than I remember. Fantastic aroma and nice black berry flavor! (A-)

Brooklyn Brewing Black Ops: Good, but not nearly worth the $20+ bucks a bottle (B)

Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Old Chub: Best beer of the day, but I gots to drive home…..being responsible can suck sometimes! (A)

Monopoly Deal…

Fantastic card game. It’s like monopoly but no player is completely safe no matter how close they are to winning. Also, drinking a copious amount of beer helps too!

Fremont Brewing Kentucky Dark Star: Not nearly as thin as I would imagine. Super solid BA stout (A)

Upright Cuvee de Lactovasilios: Lactovasilios aged in the barrels that held Fantasia and Fantasia Five. Really tasty, but minimal peach flavor if any. It’s just more floral with some fruit flavor put on top of Lactovasilios. (A-)

Cigar City Brewing Cucumber Saison: still not good, but significantly better once you swirl the beer until all the carbonation is gone (B- with no carbonation)

HUB Piledriver: Best HUB beer by far, but that’s not saying a whole lot in my opinion. I’ve never really been a fan of their beers (B)

Alesmith Speedway Stout: really tasty, one of the best stouts you can readily find in a store (A- or A)

Cigar City Brewing El Murcielago: Very interesting, the fact that it was aged in tequila was good. I mostly got lime out of the beer though (B+)

Surly can do no wrong.

Troegs Mad Elf: I haven’t seen this beer in a year and a half, and it’s still damn good (B+)


Don’t go lifting and then rock climbing. It will kick your ass. After I got my ass thoroughly and properly kicked, I decided to go have a pint over at BeerMongers.

21st Amendment Summer Saison: Just the refreshing beer I needed!

FW Unfiltered DBA

It was not good.


Some beers before Vegas

I went to Las Vegas for a couple of days last week, but the day before I had a few friends over for a couple brews and a healthy round of Cards Against Humanity!

We are terrible people.

Block 15 Imagine: YEP!

Upright Levinator: I kicked the keg when I filled the growler, so I only got half a growler. Oh well, it was soo good and juicy from the elderberries that were put into the beer

May not have been a good idea to open this one at the time…..judging by how blurry my photo is. Not as acetic as I remember, bottle variation/intoxication maybe?

Block 15 Golden Canary Release V.2.0

Block 15 released Golden Canary in Portland last week at Beermongers. I didn’t buy any bottles because I went down to Corvallis for the release, but I did NOM on some delicious beers that were on tap specifically for the event.

Imagine – a big barrel aged stout that happens to be 15% ABV. Super boozy, but not 15% boozy. Delicious but dangerous!

Super Nebula – My favorite Block 15 beer and one of my favorite stouts overall. A little hotter than the bottle I had not too long ago, but absolutely delicious none the less. I love how the barrel, bourbon, and coffee flavors get along.

Finally, Ferme de la Ville 2011 – I don’t think that this beer is that great fresh, but after one year of aging it’s really damn good. The hops have faded leaving behind great barnyard funk and savoriness.