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Upright again haha

Went to Upright after work for a Sole Composition and a seasonal release. Yusef Lateef came out in bottles, 2 per person, with a total of 63 bottles. Late Harvest, on the other hand, is made in quantity and will be around for a while.

The glass has a black saison in it. First one I’ve had from Upright, and it may be the first black saison that Upright has made. It was super good and malty. If that beer was bottled I would try to keep a bottle on hand at all times so I can crack one open whenever I felt like it.

Watching Grimm





Started watching Grimm, which is filmed right here in Portland. It’s kind of cool being able to recognize most of the places that they film at. I took this opportunity to start drinking some of the beers I’ve received in recent trades.

It’s okay…kind of watery for a Saison with not too much depth. I think I’m spoiled on Upright because their saisons are absolutely stellar.

Beer geek problems.

Laurelwood Fresh Hop Workhorse IPA

Really damn good. If you can find it on draft somewhere, get it without hesitation! It will be worth your while!

Another visit to Upright

Made a quick stop at Upright with a couple buddies the other day. The new beer on tap was called Yusef Lateef. It’s a soured version of Four with elderberry flowers I think. It’s pretty good.

I also filled a growler of the stuff too haha

Then to round things out I got a nice glass of Engelberg Pils. W000000t.

Nightcap with Adam

Hair of the Dog Adam is really tasty! I need to drink this beer more often (A)

Another trade haul

Thanks to BA Shuntstout for the case of Abyss 2010. Me and a buddy teamed up for the trade. Couldn’t be happier!

Beer while making dinner. Win.

The night before my sister went back to North Carolina she made me food. I in turn provided beverages!

Block 15 Golden Canary: I love this beer. My sister agreed. One of the best sours that we had while she was here. Fantastic tartness with some sweetness to hold everything together. A/A+

Bruery Filmishmish: I love apricot beers, and this beer is like Cascade’s apricot, but slightly better. A-/A

Then I took her to the airport….No delicious craft beer for her until Christmas!