I keep on finding myself at upright…

Sometimes you just can’t win.

Alpine Duet: One of the best IPAs around. Delicious! Alpine needs to distribute this beer to Oregon.

Norrebro Little Korkny Ale 2008: This thing is a malt bomb, but a fantastic barleywine. Top notch, but this beer is way too big and malty to be drank by one person. 5 people was ideal. Tons of maple and caramel in this beer. A+

Mystic Saison Asterisk: Good beer, really surprising that it was aged in bourbon barrels though. I got no bourbon in the nose or taste.

Arbor Sodibo: My first beer from Arbor, and it’s awesome. Fantastic sour with good brett and lacto presence. Perfect beer for one of the last few days of summer outside.

Yusef Lateef: Jeebus. This beer is sooo much better out of the bottle than on tap, and it was pretty good on tap. The bottle version is more sour, with a really nice balance of herbs in the beer. Cinnamon is the main spice component, but it’s the kind of cinnamon sensation that you get when you drink mulled wine. Absolutely delicious and unique. A

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