Big Stout Tasting

My friend’s buddy was in town from Chi-town last week, so naturally we had a tasting to celebrate! His favorite style is stout, so we had to indulge ourselves a little bit…

Had to warm up with a little Gumballhead. Delicious as always

….And I think we’re ready to start!

Block 15 Super Nebula 2011: Top 3 beer for me I think. It was the best out of our lineup in my opinion. Soo good with huge bourbon and coffee notes. Nice and smokey too!

Surly DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite non-barrel-aged stout. Nice and sweet. It’s like Dark Lord…but better. Much better. A

Foothills Bourbon Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate: Really nice, but I actually preferred Darkness to this one despite the barrel aging. A-

Fifty Fifty Eclipse Four Roses: Pretty good, but I think this was the worst beer of the night. Worst being relative of course. B+

You know it’s a good night when you are playing Cards Against Humanity with a vertical of Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout!

  1. I LOVE STOUT!!! Just had a drink (cocktail) the other day that used stout in it also…awesome idea. I am a fan of Surley Darkness too (ps. we play cards against humanity! Great game haha)

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