Brews for New Avenues

Dear god, I hurt so bad the next day from all the drinking I did during the event. Open bar for beer geeks is a terrible/amazing thing! There were cheese plates, a huge amount of charcuterie, and more beer than I could shake 10 livers at! And to think that it was all for a good cause!


Double Mountain Killer Green: one of the best fresh hop beers of the season! A

Cascade Honey Ginger Lime: This beer is wtf amazing. 3 flavors, but they all punch you in the face! I had 3 glasses of this beer haha. A

Deschutes Fresh Squeeze IPA: Best fresh hop beer of the year for me. I’m still eagerly awaiting fresh hop amarillo twilight though. A+

Some amazing brett beer from the Commons! I was about ten deep at this point….so I was just indiscriminately crushing brews

Silent auction lineup. I walked away $45 poorer but one bottle of Upright Fantasia Reserve richer! 1 of 24 bottles in existence (that are labeled that is)


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