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Figgy Pudding

Mmmmm…..growler of Figgy Pudding.    A

Bridgeport makes a tasty beer!

Well who would’ve thunk it? I was pleasantly surprised by this beer, and makes me think that one day Bridgeport can make better brews.

This beer is just slightly tart, kind of like New Glarus’ Raspberry Tart. No barrel aging flavors to speak of despite this beer’s time in barrels. Very light and refreshing. Good, but not worth $12 a bottle. B

Cherry Adam from the Wood

I popped open a bottle of CAftW the other day with a friend to see if the bottled version of the beer was as epically tasty as the draft version.

It was. And some! A+

Well Shit.

My Hill Farmstead trader dropped an atom bomb on me today….I may have danced around a little bit when I saw 3 boxes at my door!


Left to Right: Everett, Clara, Anna, Damon, Juicy, and Twilight of the Idols. Can’t forget the glassware either!

Sierra Nevada Celebration

Haven’t had this beer in two years! While not as good as I remember due to foggy memory and the vast quantity of better beer I have consumed, it’s still tasty. Really damn cheap too

Cheap Stout..

God really damn tasty! I think this beer will have to be my go-to for the winter. $10 a four-pack is pretty extraordinary.

Dessert Beer

Headed over to the Common’s Brewery for a beer and I brought a bottle over to share with whoever might be there as well.

Olde Hickory Lindley Park: Pretty good dessert beer. The chocolate, bourbon, honey, and raspberry flavors are all very well integrated. Worth tracking down. A-


Midnight Sun’s TREAT is really damn good fresh. I didn’t think it was mindblowingly tasty when I had an old bottle, but it’s delicious fresh.


Housewarming Tasting

One of my friends had a little party to celebrate moving into his new place. Naturally, many beers were opened.

Upright Apricot Seven: This new batch is delicious as ever. Nice apricot flavor with good brett earthiness

Might be one of the best names for a homebrew ever. The beer itself wasn’t bad either, but just couldn’t live up to the name.

This beer sucked. C-

Upright El Coloquio De Cervantes: This beer is insane. Huge raspberry flavors laid on top of a flanders-esque flavor profile. A+

Ballast Point Victory at Sea: Nice porter with a lot of coffee. Not as much vanilla as I was hoping for though. Also, kind of thin. B

Bell’s Barrel Aged Batch 9000: This beer is incredible. It now replaces Black Note as my favorite Bell’s Beer. Super smooth with a very well integrated bourbon profile. A+

Hill Famstead Civil Disobedience #4: Well….I don’t know how to break it to the Hill Farmstead homers out there, but this beer was really not that good. We couldn’t finish the bottle and may have even given some to the dog. Pictures of dog available on request. C+/B-

Boneyard Bourbon Barrel Suge Knite: I’m so happy that this was available for growler fills. It gets you drunk, and is goddam delicious to boot! A+

After we finished all of the beer, we went over to my place and opened a couple more bottles…I’ll post those later

A couple more

These were the bottles that I opened at my place after my friend’s housewarming. Not my smartest decision, but it was fine haha

Bruery Oude Tart: Very sour, but missing some of the oakiness I look for in flanders style beers. A-

Logsdon Cerasus: Getting better over time, I thought it was a little lacking in flavor when it first came out, but right now it’s coming along nicely. I’ll hold on to my last bottle for a year or so before trying it again.