Bottle Share!

Opened a couple of bottles at the Common’s Brewery the other day. It was good times for all!

Got a glass of Common’s berlineerweisse to cleanse the palette. Good beer, nice and wheaty.

Engine 15 Jasmine Saison: This beer is fantastic, what an incredible nose. One of the guys said it smelled like Cantillon Mammouche, minus the funk. I might have to agree with him. A-/A

Engine 15 Guten Tag!: Berlineerweisse, it was okay. B

Hill Farmstead Art: This beer is really damn good. Not really a saison in my opinion though. It’s too sour to be a saison, but the tartness is fantastic, and lingers for a while. Best beer of the night for me. A

Rivertown Lambic: Not bad, but it needs to sour up some more. No nose to it really. B

Rivertown Ojos Negros: This is what I’m talking about. Good level of sour, nice fruit aroma and flavor. I would place this beer as second for the night. Very enjoyable and a great way to end the tasting! A

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