Pre HotD tasting

I forgot to post this, but we did a small tasting at Commons before the Hair of the Dog tasting. Because…why not?!

I had a lucisity (spelled wrong) and I brought a Hill Farmstead Everett and Anna. Wanted to open these with some folks and not be greedy.

Hill Farmstead Anna: It’s a brett beer. Good, but super brett beers just aren’t really my thing. Don’t mind the foil on top, we plan to harvest the yeast and spike some beer with it. B+

Hill Farmstead Everett: Dear mother of god….best non-barrel aged porter I’ve ever had. I regret sharing this beer with friends…well, kind of. A+

Some WTF beer: Tastes weird.

Cascade Noyaux: Well, wait a second! That beer clearly isn’t Noyaux. Turns out it was Cerise Nouveau but labelled incorrectly. Crazy huh? It’s super good though.

  1. Oh, c’mon. Now you’re just showing off. Two Hill Farmsteads on the West Coast!? I haven’t even managed to slay one on the East Coast.

    • Portland beer trades $4$ for Hill Farmstead haha. I’ll post a picture of a certain box due to arrive later today just for you.

      • Hmm, so no premium at all. Interesting. I look forward to seeing/will probably resent you for what kind of whales you reeled in.

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