Fantasia Release Bottle Share

There was a little bottle share on Sunday after the Fantasia release because some guy from out of town proposed one and it coincided with our every other week tastings!


There were some bottles…


Hair of the Dog Matt: Still my favorite beer from Hair of the Dog. Soooo delicious. A+


Rodenbach Caracture Rouge: Really tasty, best Rodenbach beer I’ve had so far, and I 100% misspelled the name of the beer! A


Goose Island Madame Rose: Overhyped, but still tasty. B+


Common’s Brotherly Love: Tasty, but I do think that Common’s makes better beer now than they did when they first started up. B


Midnight Sun Operation Hay: Don’t like Falconers Flight hops. C


something something somethin’: Not a fan. C-


Bzart Lambiek: A friend got this shipped to him by mistake. It was a fantastic mistake and turned out to be one of the best beers of the day! A


Midnight Sun Treehugger: Super sprucey and delicious! Also, after we finished the bottle we noticed that it was 12.6% alcohol….when all of us thought it was around 7%. One of the best beers of the day and definitely the most unique! A


Cigar City (insert weird script here) Baltic Porter: Was not a fan. Drain-poured into a pitcher, but I got the tick! D


Midnight Sun Berserker: Still not infected! Still delicious and Midnight Sun has really had a strong showing today. A-


Surly Abrasive: I was really sad that there was only one of these to share. A-

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