Wait, we’re opening bottles again?!

So after one bottle share we went to go check out a friend’s cellar that was just finished and to watch the Ravens/Pats game. Moar bottles were opened. God I live a healthy lifestyle!


I want that in my life. One day….


Cigar City Double Barrel Zhukov: Very low in carbonation, but really damn good nonetheless. A


It’s a shitty barrel aged lager. Fuckin’ lager! D+


Upright Blend Love: Fruit is faded a bit, but still there while the tartness had been kicked up 3 notches. Might only be $12 a bottle, but was still one of the best bottles of the day. A


Ithaca Lebleu 2010 and 2012: I preferred the original bottle, which is the one that has a blue smurf dildo in front of it. Both tasty, but I think Cascade Blueberry is superior. B/B+


Russian River Temptation batch #4: Whoever says this beer is bad is an idiot. A


Honestly I don’t remember what I thought of this one…must have poured it out.


Dieu du Ciel: Equinoxe du Printemps: Carbonated alcoholic maple syrup. Recommended with breakfast. B+


Ithaca Brute: Tasty, a little overcarbed, but nothing a little swirl of the glass can’t fix! B+/A-


Mystic Vinland: NOPE. C-


Dark Horse Monster 29 and Barrel Aged Monster 29: Very similar, but the regular Monster has this weird metallic aftertaste that the barrel version doesn’t have. Note: Stick with BA Monster.

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