This Destroyed My Liver

The big bottle shares get ridiculous.


Oh, that’s a fair number of bottles. Might as well get started!


Hill Farmstead Juicy: More brett than last time, but just as amazing. A+


Pegs RareR DOS: What a patheticly sized growler. 500 ml?! What is this?! A growler for ant?! On a more serious note, this beer is freaking amazing with tons of barrel character going on. It also pours like motor oil. A


Abraxas: Tasty, but it has this bell pepper flavor going on that reminds me of old BCBCS. B+


Barrel Aged Abraxas: Now this is some crazy shit. Straight up cinnamon toast crunch in a bottle! No bell pepper detected. If RareR DOS was motor oil, this beer is as viscous as curing concrete. I can’t drink much of this, but it is freaking amazing if enjoyed in small doses. A+


It’s a barleywine without much barrel quality in it. I personally couldn’t tell that it was barrel aged at all. B


Foothills Jade IPA: Solid palette cleanser after all that ridiculously thick stout. B+


That’s a lot of coffee. Also looks like one of the guys in my tasting group. This beer gets props for that! B


This beer is weird. That is all.


Alesmith Kopi Luwak Speedway Stout: Tons of tasty coffee, but no speedway stout character at all. Makes me a little sad, because I really enjoy regular speedway. Vietnamese Coffee Speedway is tastier. B+


The Bruery Wanderer: Sooooo sour, it hurt the back of my jaws. It was better last year when I had it, but if you are all about face-destroying sourness, this is your jam. B+


Blood of the Unicorn: I don’t remember what this one tasted like….Good thing I didn’t drive!


Dark Horse Confused Ass Beer: This beer had no idea what it was. The words, “sour, barleywine, and old ale” were all used in its description. It was also terrible. D+


BEST LABEL EVER. It just needs a pirate hat to make it complete.



IMAG2426 IMAG2427 IMAG2428

Oooo look, it’s a bunch of sisters. The Madam of the crew was the best. Lolita was the little bitch.


Yep, don’t remember how this one was either.


Jackie O’s Evelyn: This one was awesome. A-








We made a bottle castle.

  1. Looking forward to my first shot of of RareR. Heading to Peg’s the day before Hunahpu Day for a bottle share and a shit ton of their barrel aged brews on tap (supposed to be more on tap than on the RareR release day).

    • Sweet! I will also be attending Hunahpu’s Day and the bottle share at Peg’s the day before

      • Awesome. Plan on doing a VT run right beforehand so I should have plenty of heady and HF growlers to share, hopefully some Biere de Norma as well.

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