2 Releases in 1 Day

Two releases the other day. It was awesome.

I didn’t take photos, but Upright Brewing released 4 sole compositions at once. It was one batch of barleywine that went into 4 different barrels to form a series. 2 barrels of Big Bottom Whiskey, Burnside Bourbon, and Bull Run Gin. I can’t wait to pop these open, but there were only around 110 bottles of each one.


Common’s Maybelle: Saison spiked with Drie Fonteinen yeast. Huge nose that makes you think of the Armand ‘4 series beers, but the taste is only slighty funky with a touch of tartness. On the other hand, this beer only spent 2 months in barrels with the yeast, so another 6 months or more will really let this beer funk up and sour nicely. I bought a case…..


My friend’s beer survival kit, complete with tasting glass and cold packs. It’s genius, and absolutely hilarious!


Kern Citra: Very tasty, but it’s the after that really makes this beer. It’s very good, but not nearly worth the hype or the horde of people that showed up to the release. A-



smiley face!

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