My first Founders beer that’s undercarbonated. Oh well, doesn’t bother me too much, because the caramel characteristics here are pretty tasty.


  1. I like his Boozemaster.

    I have a random question. I don’t trade or ship beer much at all. Clearly, you do. Do you find that beers ever suffer from so-called “travel shock” (beyond having to let the bottle-conditioned ones resettle). I hear wine people talk about travel shock, but I can’t seem to find any opinion on beer.

    • I don’t do any trading when it is either really hot or really cold. Other than that, your beer has already received plenty of “shock” when it made it’s way from the brewery, through distribution, to the retail store where the beer was purchased.

      Just don’t let too much sunlight get to your beer, that’s the real killer.

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