Peg’s the day before Hunahpu’s Day

Took the red-eye from PDX to Tampa and went straight to Peg’s for their bottle share for Tampa Beer Week.


But first…had to split an Alpine Exponential Hoppiness with  friend that was coming with me. Fantastically citrus and fruity with little to no bitterness. A+


So this is the line for Peg’s an hour before they open? Awesome. At least it’s nice and sunny out! Beer geeks were walking around with name tags that had their real name and BA handle on them. Geek central for sure.


New Glarus Serendipity: A guy from Chicago was nice enough to share this with me in line. Ghetto picture for the win! Oh, Serendipity is pretty good too. A-


Block 15 had to represent in Florida! Sticky Hands 1 week old! A+


I was super pumped to try out the Rare Vanilla and Nooner. They also sold me a growler of Nooner! 1 of 120 growlers!


We got the whole barrel aged line-up. Livers were crying out in pain even before we started. Good start to an afternoon I say.


Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude #6: Had to bring a BeerMongers glass! This beer is just as good as SS#5. Fantastic single IPA, and was fantastic in the 70+ degree weather. A


Commons Maybelle: Just as well matched to the weather as the SS#6, Maybelle actually turned out to be one of my favorite beers of the day. This beer is getting funkier by the moment, and it’s awesome. A


Hill Farmstead Convivial Suarez: Like a citrusy Arthur, but not quite as sour. Maybe some aging will help it tart up a bit? B+


Russian River T-25: Very solid sour from Russian River, but it’s got nothing on Beatification! A-


Block 15 Pappy’s Dark: Really damn good  barleywine, and a huge improvement over the last batch. I should have bought more of this….A


Look at this guy, passed out while I balance napkins on his hand. But dude, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS CELLAR?!

    • C Hussain
    • March 20th, 2013

    HALLELUJAH!!!! Have you thaHEEEEEEEEEEEN my thellar, folkth? Have you THEEEEEEEEEEEEN it?

    • It’s on my bucket list, but I have never had the privilege of seeing the cellar!

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