Pre-bouldering Beers?

Yeah, let’s do it…you know, because this can only end well.


Stone Dayman IPA with Coffee: This is actually pretty good. Kind of crazy. Tons of coffee on the back end, but the more I drank the more I got the hop flavors in the beer. Super weird and interesting. A-


Tired Hands Stare at yourself in the mirror until you feel a burning sensation: Low carbonation, lots of apricot in the nose, and quite simple and tasty. I could drink a lot of this, but so far….Tired Hands is not the new Hill Farmstead. Sorry Pennsylvania. B+


Tired Hands Handfarm: I still really enjoy this beer. Like Hill Farmstead Anna but significantly better. If only this came in a bigger bottle, because a little child bottle isn’t enough for a manly man like me. A

  1. Unfortunately for Tired Hands, they growler fills are less than stellar. They do not stay the same way HF growlers do. On tap at the source, they are top 5 for me. If you can ever make it out to Philly, you’ll be very impressed, Sam!

    • I’ll have to give them a shot next time I’m back East. It’s a shame that they opened after I moved out out Pennsylvania……but living in PDX is hardly terrible!

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