Well…there goes 7 hours.

We themed a tasting around Upland Brewing’s sour beers, but too many of us lacked Upland beer, so we just turned it into an enormous tasting.


Descender IPA on tap! I need a kegerator. BAD


Moving on to Upright Engelberg Pils…best palette cleansing beer in the world. If you say otherwise, you’re an idiot.


Upland Kiwi Lambic – Extremely sour, with not as much kiwi as I would imagine, but it was excellent. I haven’t been a fan of Upland too much in the past, so this is a promising start! A


Upland Strawberry Lambic – Not as good as Strawberry Fields. That beer has ruined it for me. B


Cascade Strawberry – Tasty, but worse than the Upland one. B


Upland Persimmon Lambic – I love persimmons, and this is the only persimmon beer that I know of. It’s also fantastic. It has that super grassy persimmon aroma that you’d have to have experienced to know what I’m talking about. A/A+


Cascade Blueberry – Still good, but falling off. B


Upland Blueberry Lambic – Oh well, it was slightly worse than the Cascade beer. B


Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise – Stupid good. Huge funk and fruit that only Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen can provide. A/A+


Upland Raspberry Lambic – Best fruit character of the Upland beer so far. A


Upland Cherry Lambic – Not crazy about this one. B-


Upland Blackberry Lambic – Fucking awesome. People need to use blackberries more! A


Upland Peach Lambic – Stupid man’s Fantasia. B-

Onwards to the palette cleansers!


I had this beer very drunk in Florida. It’s much tastier now, but it’s still just a huge brown sugary beer. B


Hardywood Coffee Thingy – Meh


I love Heady Topper


Alesmith Barrel Aged Decadence – Honestly, this beer was good, but everything at this point was just blended together. You can’t try so many beers without your taste buds going on strike.

IMAG2814 IMAG2812 IMAG2811 IMAG2810 IMAG2808 IMAG2807 IMAG2806 IMAG2805 IMAG2804 IMAG2802

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