Patience Frances…..



I dragged my friends all the way to Brooklyn for this. I felt a little bad…and my heart sank when I saw the supposedly world-class bottle list. Best beer on the list was Drie Fonteinen Golden Blend, but even though this beer is fantastic, I can still find bottles of it back home in PDX. There was no Hommage, Framboos, Blabaer, or any other “whales” that have been on the bottle list before. They wouldn’t even sell me a bottle of Justin Blabaer despite the fact that it was on the bottle list. If you aren’t going to sell a beer to a patron, don’t put it on the bottle list, simple as that.

I did get to tour their cellar, and all the crazy beers you’d imagine being there actually exist and more. Don Quijote, Millenium Gueze, Pikkilintu, vintage Blabaer, Loerik…it’s all there. Then there are the hundred bottles or so of newer Blabaer, more Armand ‘4 than you can count, and tons of the new batch of Framboos.

It’s cool to see all of those bottles, but I was irked when the bottle list of the day was a turd.



Hoppin’ Frog DORIS: I love this beer.


Drie Fonteinen Golden Blend: Tasty as always, and the best beer of the night….all because I couldn’t buy a Hommage.


Evil Twin Room 603: Very solid beer, makes me forgive Evil Twin for Imperial Biscotti Break!

  1. Damn, sorry to hear the bottle list was crappy. Worth the trip though?

    • Yeah it was worth it, space was cool and I got to tick some Evil Twin beers

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