Visit to Hoboken/NYC

I’m here in Hoboken visiting a few friends for the next couple of days. I wonder how the beer scene compares to Beervana.


Dogfish Head Pangea: Tasty, but the bottle has no mention of using ingredients from every continent (used to be a selling point of this beer). I wonder what happened?


Some Barleywine: Watery by my standards, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I feel like I could drink an entire bottle of this. Most barleywines I try are so viscous and heavy that they must be shared between people. Not the case with this beer.


Rattle and Hum: Interesting pub, and they have a Firestone Walker tap takeover later today…I might have to come back here and get some Parabola on tap.


I settled with the Weyerbacher stout on cask. Solid and paired well with the enormous burger I ordered.


Bear Republic XPA on cask @ the Blind Tiger: Most diverse tap list of the day. They even had offerings from breweries such as Elysian and Midnight Sun!

  1. You need to get yourself out to Torst if you can

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