Portland Fruit Beer Fest, etc

Sorry for the delayed post….I didn’t really feel like writing this one. My liver really took a hit for the team that day.

Apricot Crush

10 Barrel Apricot Crush: Top 4 beer of the day, wonderfully sour, with the most apricot flavor I’ve seen in a beer. Yes, even more apricots than fresh Fou’ Foune. A+

Bier Royale

Commons Bier Royale: I’ve written about this beer before, but it took a distant 5th place. A-

Chenin Blank Regards

De Garde Chenin Blank Regards: Tasty, but didn’t get too much grape here. De Garde’s stuff is all good, but this was the least tasty one I’ve had. B

Citrus Wit

Upright Citrus Wit: Smells like Tang, tastes like summer. A-


Upright/Bushwhacker Collaboration: Tasty at first, but then I started to get some funny off-flavors as it warmed up. B

Cucumber Crush

10 Barrel Cucumber Crush: Soooooo good, another top 4 beer for the day, and most likely the most drinkable beer at the festival. Lots of clean tartness with a hint of cucumber at the end. This beer tastes incredible. A+

Fruition Wheat

Laurelwood Fruition Wheat: It’s a sour beer with pears that I didn’t taste and blackberries that I did taste. B/B+

Lime Kolsch

Burnside Brewing Lime Kolsch: It’s a kolsch with lime. B-/B

Wild Wild Brett Violet

Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett Violet: Best of the WWB series I’ve had so far. Top 4 beer of the day, nice funk and sour notes with a punch of passionfruit. A+



De Garde Beuezemongers: Young lambic is young. B

Cherry Desay

Cherry Saison Desay: Quite good with lots of dark cherries, but I think I like the citrus notes in the regular desay more. B+/A-

Cranberry Bu Weisse

De Garde Cranberry Bu Weisse: Not better or worse than regular Bu Weisse, which is good. Top 4 beer of the day and the most drinkable of the day alongside the Cucumber Crush. A+

Next up, APEX!

Keene Idea

Alpine Keene Idea: Fantastic DIPA, but my palate is pretty much done at this point. A

Tamranillo Saison Desay

De Garde Tampranillo Saison Desay: This slots between the regular and cherry version. A-

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