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Still going strong


Commons Eidolon: I’ve had a bottle that wasn’t that great, but this bottle has aged quite nicely. It is definitely more tart and funky than before, but the tea that was used to make this beer has really come through on the back end. Glad I downed the whole bottle solo. A-


This beer is really tasty. I must continue my conquest for Crooked Stave! A-



Another De Say Variant


De Garde Italian Plum De Say: This is my favorite variant of De Say along with the base beer. The subtle fruit flavor here really plays well with the light tartness and mild bitterness that comes with regular De Say. A

Tiny Walez. Bro.

Didn’t see this one coming.


Narke Kaggen! Stormaktsporter: Very, very good beer. On the other hand, it’s not a revelation. A-

Since this beer is a whale, this had to happen:


Note: This is not me, I’m not this handsome. The cell phone is part of a joke that’s bouncing around beer groups on Facebook. Don’t worry about it.

Return of Matt

That’s right, this is Matt 2013 from Hair of the Dog. Really tasting despite how fresh it is! The apple brandy flavors are in full force. A+


The man’s face in the background says everything you need to know.

I should use my DSLR more.

Also, I can’t get enough Saison De Say.


Barrel Aged Flora Rustica

This beer is the best thing that Upright has made this year after Fantasia. I’m pretty satisfied that I have a case.


Mild tartness, with buckets of funk and floral notes! Decent barrel presence as well from the wine barrels that were used to age this sucker. A/A+

Pregaming a Concert

This beer did the trick before I went off to see the Postal Service.


Thanks Midwest!

Zombie Dust makes for a great summer beer….or just a great beer in general. My favorite pale ale!


What did you say?

Cherry De Say! Quite savory, but I don’t get the gin barrel quality that I really enjoy from the regular De Say. This beer is good, but I think the unfruited one is better.