‘Murica Day Eve

Went over to a friend’s house to crack open a couple bottles. I was the last one to arrive, so I had some serious catching up to do!


Mikkeller 18% piece of shit: Yep, pretty shitty.

The three BA Framinghammers: Vanilla was by far the best. Even so, I thought the Vanilla was a little overhyped.

IMAG3128 IMAG3130 IMAG3129

Lost Abbey Sinner 2008-2010: 2008 was by far the best, but remember, these beers are completely different year to year.

IMAG3131 IMAG3133 IMAG3132


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Palate cleanser, and one of the best beers of the evening. I love the lime, but don’t get any blood orange. A

Tired Hands Only Void Series (Red Wine, Stainless, Rye Whiskey): In order, Rye Whiskey (A), Stainless (A/A-), Red Wine (B). I think Tired Hands should just give this up and just make more Hand Farm!

IMAG3135 IMAG3137 IMAG3136


Almanac 3 and 4: Whichever one had the strawberries was the tasty one.


So many glasses… Look at dat dog. What a fucking player


Not that great


Crooked Stave Vielle: I need to drink more Crooked Stave. That’s pretty much what has to happen.


Laurelwood Megafauna: I don’t get the hype here. I didn’t think it was anything special…



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