Stupid Out-of-Towners

A couple people came up separately from California and wanted to do a bottle share with the PDX beer geeks. Commons Brewery was nice enough to host us. Get ready for some photos.


Oh. That’s a lot of bottles. A few more people showed up after this picture was taken, and they brought more bottles.


Hill Farmstead Edith: My favorite dark saison. Not saying too much though. It balances the fruit and the roastiness pretty well. B


Alpine Duet: Very tasty as always


Alpine Pure Hoppiness: Fantastic beer, I wish we got this more often. A


Alpine Nelson: Still my favorite Alpine beer and one of my favorite IPAs! A+


Sante Adarius West Ashley: Best beer of the day. Great balance between the funk and the fruit. Would drink again! A+


Hill Farmstead Madness & Civilization #1: Enormous barrel presence here. Smoke, bourbon, vanilla, chocolate, and BOOZE. Great beer, I wouldn’t mind aging this for a little while though to let it mellow out. A/A+


Cascade Bottleworks XIV: Nice beer, isn’t nearly as lactic as most beers from the barrel house. A


Cantillon Vigneronne: Super, super funky. Quite good despite the ridiculous amount of wet sock and horse blanket. A


Acadia Ales Barrel Aged Cereal Killer: Middle of the road barrel aged barleywine. B


Sante Adarius Love’s Amore: Another good beer from Sante Adarius! I need to track some of their beers down for further evaluation! A-


Upright Rose City Seven Batch #1: Superior to the first batch! Very tasty! A


Dark Lord 2013: Soy sauce laced with diabeetus. B-

There were a bunch of beers I didn’t photograph, but I was in a bit of a hurry because I only had about an hour and a half at the tasting and I would way only 2/3 of the bottles had been opened by the time I left. I wish I could have tasted all the other beers, but you can’t tick em all!

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