Dem Special Herbs

Special Herbs – Upright’s gin barrel aged gruit with tons of spices added. This beer used to be part of Upright’s “Sole Composition” series, meaning that there was only about 160ish bottles. It blew my god damn mind. That Sole Comp bottle was so good that it’s still my favorite Upright beer to date. However, I’m happy to say that Special Herbs has been released again!


Upright Special Herbs: Extremely floral nose, with a nice hit of lacto on the beginning of the taste. Following up the initial sour hit is a ton of flowery deliciousness from the spices as well as the gin barrels used to age the beer. Oh, a bit of the floral/fruitiness comes from the old Fantasia barrels that were used to age a portion of this beer. There is a bit of a spice hit, which I attribute to the use of Sichuan pepper corns. God this beer is unique and incredible. There was a bottle limit, but I’m just going to go back again tomorrow to load up on more. I need to hoard this sucker like it’s my job. A+

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