Longest Trade – Complete

I had a trade in the works for about 8 months…finally got to swap the bottles in-person earlier this week!

We had a few beers in the process, and couple friends in my tasting group decided to join us as well. Good times!


I showed up a little early, so I had a pint of Block 15’s Sticky Hands just to warm up.


Upright Barrel Aged Flora Rustica: Just as good as before. This would be bottle #5 that I’ve opened.


Upright Special Herbs: Had to let my trader try this beer. Soooo damn good.


Hill Farmstead Vermontoise: Smells like bacon. Awesome!


Little Korkny 2007 aged in some barrel: Sweet, delicious oxidation. Very good in small pours.


Didn’t get much cherries out of this one.


Tastes like plastic


Not a bad effort from Crux. However, I expected great things, and that just hasn’t happened yet.


Crooked Stave Vielle: Soo good. I love Crooked Stave.

    • Aaron
    • August 21st, 2013

    Looks good, but what was the trade for??

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