Brews for New Avenues VIP Tasting

As a thank you to those who bought VIP tickets, Brews for New Avenues and Commons Brewing hosted a bottle share. It was really nice to see so many familiar faces while trying a bunch of different beers.


Hell yes.

IMAG3377 IMAG3378

Food was catered by Lardo, one of the best sandwich places in town. I destroyed that porchetta.


Many of these were consumed by me. MANY.

And now…the beer photos:

IMAG3375 IMAG3379 IMAG3380 IMAG3381 IMAG3384 IMAG3386 IMAG3387 IMAG3388 IMAG3389 IMAG3390 IMAG3392 IMAG3393 IMAG3394 IMAG3395 IMAG3398 IMAG3399 IMAG3400 IMAG3401 IMAG3402 IMAG3405



    • Aaron
    • August 23rd, 2013

    That food looks awesome! Travis in the background in a few of those pictures looks pretty funny. How was the Emelie tasting?

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