More beer?!

Yep, after the tasting at the Commons I went back to my place to pregame for a friend’s birthday party. He’s a big foodie and likes to drink, so I figured I’d make him try a bunch of different things.


Commons Emelie: Good way to start!


Firestone Walker Parabola: It’s been a while since I last had this beer. It’s very good, but it just makes me want Bourbon County Brand Stout. B+/A-


Bruery Melange 3: On the other hand, this beer is absolutely delicious. Lots of dark fruits with a bit of chocolate. A/A+


This is what happens when your friends find your 3L bottle.


Logsdon Oak Aged Bretta: Really tasty, but not sour like the first batch was. I need to find my last bottle of the stuff see what it’s tasting like right now. A-


De Garde Blu Bu Weisse: Why the hell not?! Girls love this beer! A+


De Garde Italian Plum De Say: Last growler of the stuff. I really hope they make more of this stuff! A


De Garde Cran Bu Weisse: Last growler of batch #1. I love this beer, but blu bu weisse might be the tiniest bit better. A+

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