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Candy? Bah, candy for my liver maybe!

Happy Halloween brosefs


Upright Release Incoming

Two releases this week……it means that my wallet is going to feel some pain, especially because I already had to deal with the De Garde release on Saturday.


Well, here they are:

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Post De Garde

My friend was in town from Singapore so we decided to drink some beer and eat some food while watching the Timbers stomp all over Chivas.


Upright Wedding Beer: Extremely light, with mild tartness and a nice citrus flavor. One of my favorite Sole Comps. A


Hair of the Dog Matt: Stupid good as always. Stood up to the beastly funky cheese that we pitted it against as well. A+


Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic: This beer has picked up a lot of funk in the last 2 years, I like it! Paired well with the ridiculously buttery cheese that we had as well. A


Upright Barrel Aged Flora Rustica: I’ve drank so many of these that I don’t really need to say much here. A


De Garde Lee Noir: Very good, better out of the bottle than on draft, which is what I expected. A-/A


De Garde Cran Bu Weisse: Need I say more? A+

De Garde Release

Drove out to Tillamook yesterday for De Garde’s release of Vin Rougie and Lee Noir. We had a little bottle share before the release with some friends, because why not?


Let’s see how many we can finish before hoofing it over to De Garde!


Sante Adarius West Ashley: Much, much funkier than the last bottle I had. The last bottle was pure apricot juice with some tartness, but this one was a punch to the face of funk. Still amazing. A+


Jackie O’s Cherry Wood Ya Honey: Tasted like honey. B


PrairieĀ  Prairie Somewhere: Quite tasty, haven’tĀ  had a beer from them disappoint yet! A-


Some crazy beer from Belgium, it was pretty solid. B/B+


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway: Delicious as always, but makes me want Vietnamese Speedway even more. A


Fifty Fifty Eclips Elijah Craig 20 Yr: Neck and neck with BA Speedway, with this one coming out on top by a nose. A


Pelican 2008 Perfect Storm: Definitely better than King Henry, slotting right under Wooden Hell in my barleywine rankings. A+

To the release!

De Garde Vin Rougie: I thought regular Rougie was fantastic, but this one blows it out of the water. I think their beers are better out of the bottle, so I’m curious to see what Vin Rougie tastes like from the bottle. A


Yay, money spent.

Another Berliner

This time, De Garde’s Blu Bu Weisse. It’s a lot funkier now, which is a good thing, because it still retains that awesome fresh blueberry flavor.


I miss bottleshares

The tasting group has been long overdue for a bottle share. About time we had one again!


Starting off with Block 15 Fuzzy Wuzzy, because it’s tasty.


Goose Island Sofie Paradisi (?): Draft only version of Sofie that tastes like grapefruit. This would have been nice if it was hot outside. B/B+


Pegs Batch 300: NOT INFECTED YEH! It was also really good, but not quite at the same level as Nooner batch 2. A-


Hill Farmstead Elaborative #1: Smells is all walnuts, but no walnuts to be found in the taste…oh well, it’s still very tasty. A-


Hill Farmstead Prolegomena: Smells terrible, tastes like one of the best flanders reds I’ve ever had. A


Lindemans DHvL 20th Anniversary: All of the horseblanket. A-


Cantillon Fou Foune 2013: Doesn’t get any fresher than this. Not a lot of funk, nor tartness. It’s just a huge punch of apricots to the face. A


Tastes like corn.


Tasty, I haven’t had many barrel aged beers from across the pond that weren’t sour.


Goose Island 25th Anniversary: Prolegomena pooped all over this beer. I was disappointed. C+

Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Yep, that’s the name of Block 15’s peach berlinerweisse. It’s very peachy, and tasty to boot. On the other hand, De Garde’s berliners are more my thing.


Fred from the Wood

Tasting good, mellower now when fresh, which was something I was hoping for. Don’t mind the cat, he’s just jealous.


I was viciously mauled shortly after this photo was taken.

Benefit Beer

I went to the Commons on Thursday night for a benefit to raise money to offset the medical bills of a prominent person in the local beer industry. It’s a good feeling to help out.


Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack IPA: What a hoppy monster! It’s delicious. A-


Commons Urban Farmhouse: This beer recently took home silver at the Great American Beer Festival, so I had to revisit it. It’s a lot tastier than the last time I tried it, they must have really dialed things in since then.

….More De Garde!

I really enjoy crushing this beer.