De Garde Release

Drove out to Tillamook yesterday for De Garde’s release of Vin Rougie and Lee Noir. We had a little bottle share before the release with some friends, because why not?


Let’s see how many we can finish before hoofing it over to De Garde!


Sante Adarius West Ashley: Much, much funkier than the last bottle I had. The last bottle was pure apricot juice with some tartness, but this one was a punch to the face of funk. Still amazing. A+


Jackie O’s Cherry Wood Ya Honey: Tasted like honey. B


Prairie  Prairie Somewhere: Quite tasty, haven’t  had a beer from them disappoint yet! A-


Some crazy beer from Belgium, it was pretty solid. B/B+


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway: Delicious as always, but makes me want Vietnamese Speedway even more. A


Fifty Fifty Eclips Elijah Craig 20 Yr: Neck and neck with BA Speedway, with this one coming out on top by a nose. A


Pelican 2008 Perfect Storm: Definitely better than King Henry, slotting right under Wooden Hell in my barleywine rankings. A+

To the release!

De Garde Vin Rougie: I thought regular Rougie was fantastic, but this one blows it out of the water. I think their beers are better out of the bottle, so I’m curious to see what Vin Rougie tastes like from the bottle. A


Yay, money spent.

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