Framboise White and Figgy Pudding

Drove down to Block 15 on Saturday for the Framboise White and Figgy Pudding release. As usual, we had made reservations at Les Caves for brunch, which guarantees us bottles from Block 15. It’s a pretty sweet deal.


Block 15 Tropical Storm: Probably Block 15’s most sought after beer among trading circles. Made with papaya, and it really tasty. Great consolation prize for showing up early and waiting in line.


Block 15 Framboise White: Taste is incredible up front, with aggressive tartness with nice raspberry flavor. Back end was very buttery when it was cold, but disappeared once the beer warmed up. This is going to be incredible with time. A-


Official sandwich of – the Reuben.


Block 15 Figgy Pudding: This beer tastes like Autumn without using pumpkins. Thank god. 10/10 would chug again.


Huh, about those Block 15 whalez….


Awww yisssssss.

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