Commons Anniversary Bottleshare

Last night was Commons’ Anniversary bottleshare, and I showed up 4 and a half hours late, because I’m god damn awesome. Still had good beer though!


Troegs Splinter Brown: Hehehe, my wtf contribution! Yeah, on-site consumption only my ass! I will absolutely enjoy a bottle in Portland. I wonder what they would say if they saw this photo…….oh well. Beer was really tasty, way better than Splinter Gold. A-/A


Hill Farmstead Norma: I dragged this bottle here because it has been staring at me for months, mocking me, saying shit like, “you won’t do it”. Well fuck that. It was delicious. A+


Peg’s 300: I show up 4 and a half hours late and this thing is still here?! Some things I just won’t understand. A-


Jester King Black Metal: I won’t pass judgement on this brewery until I try Atrial Rubicite, but Jester King sucks. C


I do enjoy Crooked Stave


Commons Gin Enkel: Now this is what I’m talking about! I drank two. A

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