Part 2 of the celebration!

Commons had another celebration….because one simply isn’t enough. I think that’s absolutely fair.


Oh, so this is what it looks like when you show up on time!  Wait, what is this? GIRLS AT A BREWERY EVENT WTF?!


Oh man, girls be scary. Going to drink De Garde Ortucky Common instead, because this one is nice and approachable.


What the hell is this? A camera for ants?! It needs to be at least three times this big!


Whatevers, time to get another glass of Gin Enkel, because it’s amazing, and because they served it to me in a glass that had a pac-man made of cheese on the side of it.


This photo of Braam was dangerous, someone almost knocked it off the bar immediately after this photo was taken. If the beer was actually lost, there would be a photo below of the broken glass, followed by a separate photo of a dead, neck bearded beer geek.


Luckily, that didn’t happen. Drank some Mainer Weisse instead. Holy shit this beer was aggressive, I could not finish more than one of those taster glasses, but it tasted great!


Much easier drinking this guy.

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