The streak of drinking continues

Man, what a bender weekend. Met up at Apex with the guys from the Commons bottleshare to get some Alpine beers on draft. Things then began to snowball…


I had a delicious sandwich earlier that day.


Alpine Chez Monus: One of my favorite beers from Alpine, so much apricot flavor in this beer! A+


Alpine Keene Idea: Great IIPA, almost on Hop Venom levels in my opinion. I wish there was an easier drinking IPA on draft though… A


Alpine Nelson: Found one! My favorite hoppy beer from Alpine. This beer is the shit. A+

While we were at Apex, we heard that Cherry Bourbon Fred was on draft at Hair of the Dog.


So we all got one. This beer is incredible. Tastes like dessert! A+

Then we hit the bottle list…


Hair of the Dog Pannepooch Reserva: Very good, but not nearly on the same level as Cherry Bourbon Fred. A


Hair of the Dog Adam from the Wood: It’s good, but fading. I’m sad I have to hold onto my last bottle for another 3 years until the next batch comes out. A-


Hair of the Dog Matt 2010: This beer is great, but I think I like the 2013 version just a little bit more. I’m really splitting hairs though. A+

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