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…and the Saga Continues

Yep, my sister and I drank even more stuff while she was in town over the weekend. We don’t do things half-assed around here.


First, need some awesome cheese.


Cantillon Saint Lamvinus: This 2009 bottle was fantastic, and didn’t smell like old diapers (looking at you, bottle I had during the big geuze and oyster tasting). A+


Deschutes Black Butte XXIV: Really aged well, super mellow with a good amount of chocolate and barrel. A-/A


Ale Apothecary Sahalie: Absolutely delicious, but man the new corks are a bitch to remove. Lots of citrus with some funk and a little bit of alcohol heat. You still can’t tell that this sucker is over 10% though. Still maintains dangerously drinkable status. A-/A


Tastes like it sounds.

Sister’s back….

Yep….therefore instead of living a healthy-ish life, I went around and ate and drank everything. I need a couple days to recover.


Smoked Gouda? Check.


Kumamota oysters? Check.


Cantillon Vigneronne? Great pairing, but I would have enjoyed a little more grape flavor than this 2011 bottle. A


Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic: My sister really enjoyed this, but I thought it was a little overcarbonated. A-


De Garde Loak: Really gotta stop drinking these….I’m going to run out soon if I don’t watch it. A/A+

Here’s some food.

IMAG1015 IMAG1017 IMAG1016

……..and food coma-ed.

Top Gear and Beer

After all that food my sister and I just went sat around and digested while drinking some beer and watching some Top Gear.


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: This might be my favorite non-barrel aged beer ever. Ridiculous how amazing this beer is! I need more. A+


De Garde Vin Lee: This one didn’t gush everywhere, which is nice. It’s also full of cow farts (good thing) and grapes (also good). A+

Trades on trades on trades

Just got a box from the east coast. Love these beers, especially the Flora and the Civil Disobedience 5. Unfortunately my box heading east was delayed due to weather in Chicago. I really hope it didn’t freeze….that would be bad because I can’t necessarily replace all the bottles I sent out.


Getting into the groove

Trading feels good. I want this bad weather in the Midwest to blow over so I can get back into the swing of things.


Amaze-balls Opener

Got a chance to break in my new bottle opener, and it works like a charm! It’s a sweet bonus that it also doesn’t bend the bottle caps at all when you use it!


Yeah, BCBS is pretty tasty too.

Hoarder’s Trustee

My friend has a Bruery Hoarder’s membership, and the guy who’s trusteeing for him was in town with a few of his friends. Since we were all too lazy to drive down to Eugene for Hellshire Day, we decided to do some drinking here in town.


A special beer from New Belgium that I am not supposed to talk about. It was the best beer I’ve had from them next to caged and corked La Folie though. A


Almanac Dogpatch Sour: Tasty, but not the best beer from Almanac, a little too acetic. B


Almanac Farmer’s Reserve #3: This is the best beer they make. It’s kind of old at this point, so the strawberries and nectarines have faded quite a bit, but this beer is still great. A-


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: Great beer, but every time I have this I just think about how much better I like Fantasia. Tough life I know. A-


Cascade Noyaux: Really delicious, and in my opinion the best light sour that Cascade makes. Fruity, with a little bit of nuts, while not being overly sour.


Block 15 Super Nebula 2013: Best version of Super Nebula to date in my opinion, mostly because it tastes like fudge in a bottle. Great balance of barrel character, bourbon, chocolate, and alcohol heat. A+


De Garde Vin Lee: Yep. Making another appearance after it exploded upon opening. A/A+


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: Probably the best label on a sour beer ever. It also tastes fantastic to boot! Lots of sour, citrus, with a nice funk background. A/A+


Commons Emelie: Just had this not too long ago, and it’s still very good. I think it will get better with age though. B+/A-


Yeah….I don’t understand wine, but this was amazing. A+

Handmade openers

A guy who’s in the same beer network as me does smith work as a hobby. After being on the waitlist for 6 months or so, he got around to making me some bottle openers! They are the greatest things ever.


Yep, pretty awesome.


Here’s the little one, it has a sweet twist to it.


Here’s the big one, designed to slay rare beer.


This simply doesn’t get old.


Well, that’s one way to pack things…

Never seen anyone pack a box like this….padded envelopes stuffed with newspaper?


Yeah that’s weird.


But……6 bottles each of Bourbon County Stout and Barleywine. Can’t fault the results!