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Getting ready for Belgium, gotta get myself in the mindset!


Back into trading

Well, not really, but at least I can send and receive boxes now that the weather is better. This one put a nice smile on my face!


Judo Chop!

Yeah, Upright released Jeux D’eau the other day, but every time I hear the name I want to act like the Asian stereotype that I am and follow it up by saying “chop”. Therefore this beer is now called Jeux D’eau Chop. Any questions?!!!!!


Surprisingly, I was first in line after showing up about an hour and a half before opening. This never happens, so I sat on the floor and enjoyed my smoked beef tongue sandwich. It was good.


Trolololololol look at all the neck bearded beer geeks who have to stand in line before a tiny asian dude who looks like he’s 15. Them feelz bro.


Upright Jeux D’eau Chop: Tastes pretty young actually, with subtle grape notes, like that bottle of Cantillon Vigneronne I had a week or so ago. I think this beer could use some time to age, but it’s pretty tasty as is. B+/A-

Then, since I’m a man full of wisdom, I decided to drive through some pouring rain to the coast to attend the De Garde release. Super smart and nothing bad could have come of this.


De Garde Saison Desay Blend #1: Super citrusy with signature De Garde cow farts. Nice and tart too! A-


De Garde Saison Desay Blend #3: Much earthier and funkier than #1, like a grown up version. Also very tasty. A-


Wut am I doing?! Upright at De Garde?


Fuck it, might as well have some Sante Adarius too. Just so I can get chewed out by a guy on BeerAdvocate because I said that his Cellarman wasn’t worth HF Mimosa, Ann, Cable Car, or Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord. Sorry bro, just because I don’t review beers on BeerAdvocate doesn’t mean that I haven’t had them before. Also, cheers to your December 2013 join date, you must be the last bastion of beer knowledge west of the Mississippi.

Framboise White on draft?!

Yeah, kind of hard to believe. I had to find out if it was true for myself.


The rumors were trueeeeee! I may have drank a couple of these while smiling like an 8 year old who just got a new power ranger toy.

Or the opposite of someone who was at Hunahpu Day yesterday.

Drinking beer instead of climbing

Yeah, I definitely have my priorities straight. Especially because one of my friends had just returned from the east coast with a couple Hill Farmstead growlers in tow.


Hill Farmstead Citra: Tasty, but I wish Sean Hill would change up the base beer instead of following the same recipe every time and just replacing the hops. A-


Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude #6: Okay, this one is awesome. Definitely a top 3 IPA from Hill Farmstead for me. A


Hill Farmstead Ex——–: Yeah I can’t read that, but it was pretty tasty. A-

IMAG1081 IMAG1082

A couple scratch beers from Troegs! Man this takes me back to college, but there were on scratch #20 or so when I graduated. Now there are in the 90’s I think.


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: Great label, one of my favorite designs from them. Even though this beer is Grand Mariner barrel aged, I didn’t get that much orange out of it. That being said, it was really good. A-/A


Piscataquaweisse? Smells awful, tastes decent though! B


Westbrook Gozu: I really enjoyed this one, because it was so simple! Tart, citrusy and sour. I would definitely buy a bunch of these if it was in my local bottleshop. A-


Block 15 Sticky Hands – Home Grown: This one is excellent, and very balanced. It’s not a hop explosion like some of the other variations, but this one is great. A


This one was solid too.


The Alchemist Petite Mutant: It tastes just like a cherry version of New Glarus’ Raspberry Tart. That’s not bad at all, but it’s just not what I was expecting. B+

Glassware and Beer

I love both of these things.



Forgot to post these. Had em over the weekend before the Timbers game. They were good.


IMAG1070 IMAG1071