Imperial Hop Bu

Went to the release on Saturday, and had a great time before getting drunk and watching the Timbers tie against Chivas USA. Again.



De Garde Imperial Hop Bu: Doesn’t taste like it’s been hopped, but I guess that’s the point. Tastes like a mimosa! A+


De Garde 3S: If you don’t know what this is, you’re not important enough 🙂 It’s doing really nicely, can’t wait for this beer to be ready!


De Garde/Side Project Saison Desay – Chardonnay Barrel: Huge pineapple presence and big tartness has pretty much turned this saison into an american wild ale. Not that it’s a bad thing! A

Homebrew Peach Sour: Some guys brought this in, and it was awesome.


De Garde Biere de Garde: Yep. Lots of “de gardes” in this name.


Armand ‘4 Lente: Yeah….definitely a top 10 beer of all time for me. A++


Hill Farmstead Convivial Suarez: I really like hibiscus in saisons. It’s a great flavor to have and it makes the beer look pretty! I hope De Garde makes one with hibiscus soon!



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