De Garde Anniversary


But first I had to stand in line for donuts.



Oh dear, that’s a lot of bottles.


Oh, midwest whales?! I tried this later in the day, and it was incredibly sour, with little peach. I think it was palate fatigue, but who knows for sure?

IMAG1714 IMAG1719 IMAG1717 IMAG1716 IMAG1715 IMAG1721

That’s a lot of De Garde beer! It all ranged from good to great. Highlights were Imperial Boysenberry Bu and Imperial Vin Bu: Tempranillo. Fleur Desay and Imperial Strawberry Bu were also incredible!


Oh, this was really good too! Instawales.

IMAG1723 IMAG1727

Trevor and his large format shenanigans. Magnums of hair of the dog were being poured in addition to a 3L T25 from Russian River!


Not a bad haul!

    • Marcel
    • August 22nd, 2014

    Hi Sam, stumbled on your blog as I was researching the De Garde 3S. From San Diego. Not sure if you have a trading partner in So Cal, but would like to trade with you if you’re up for it. 😉 If not, no worries.

    Awesome blog, btw! Totally digging it! Keep it up.

    • Hit me up on Talkbeer to work out details! My handle is Shmeal.

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