Post De Garde Anniversary

Yes, the madness continued. Was it smart? Nope. Did I care? Nope.



Cantillon Vigneronne: Had to open this because my buddy was desperate for Cantillon.


Tired Hands Back Into Emptiness: Very tasty, probably my second favorite Tired Hands beer next to Handfarm.


Toppling Goliath King Sue: Okay, this beer is really good. Pretty much an explosion of tropical fruits in a hoppy beer. Really glad I was able to drink a lot of this one!


And that is how you finish a growler.


Sante Adarius Appreciation: Yeah, this beer is really good and confirms my suspicion that Boysenberry might be the best fruit to add to a light sour beer.


Cantillon Fou Foune: Apricots in sour beer are nice too!


Jester King Montmorency vs Balaton: Damn, I need to get my hands on some more of dat fruited sour from Jester King. They are doing a really good job with these!


Hill Farmstead Beyond Good and Evil: Whoa, didn’t see this one coming. Looks like I found my favorite maple stout. It is so good with tons of maple! TONS!


Jester King Tempranillo: Yep, starting to get really drunk. Can you tell by my sweet photo-taking skills?!

IMAG1744 IMAG1745

Nightcaps. No butter to be found.

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