My whole day suddenly turned into one big beer run

Originally, I was just going to grab some sandwiches and have a nice lunch at De Garde.


The universe had other ideas. Right as I was leaving the sandwich shop, I get a message that says Hair of the Dog is releasing Adam from the Wood and Cherry Adam from the wood. So, naturally, I complained like an 8 year old boy who realized that the Power Rangers were just a bunch of pedophiles. I then begrudgingly drove over the Hair of the Dog to buy some of that newly released beer and to see if it was any good.


So, both these beers are flat as f***. Tasty, but god damn they need some bubbles. It even says on the label that they have no carbonation. It actually looks like Hair of the Dog brewed these beers to be flat on purpose!!!! They are definitely not covering their asses on this one. Adam from the Wood is great on flavor, with smoke, tobacco, and bourbon with a hint of vanilla….but it has no bubbles. Cherry Adam is smoke and cherries, but the lack of bubbles helps to showcase a not-so-amazing medicinal quality.

Now, thoroughly upset that I had spent $200+ on flat beer, I went to De Garde.


Corned beef sandwich with De Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Yeah this is pretty delicious. Nice and tart, with less cranberry flavor than the regular Cran Bu, but it’s definitely there, and is more sour in this iteration.


De Garde Fleur Desay: Super tart with a lot of apricot flavor even though this beer has no fruit in it. I think it’s finished in Chardonnay, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyways, it has a nice juicy finish that reminds me of white wine. A+


Oh my god, there are so many empty bottles from the bottle share during De Garde’s last release…


De Garde Side Project Desay – Chardonnay Barrel: Yeah, this is absolutely delicious. Really tart with tons of that pineapple flavor that Side Project yeast tends to bring out. Finishes with a nice hit of Chardonnay at the end as well. I really look forward to how this is going to age. A+


De Garde Lee Noir: This beer has completely transformed since release. It is so much drier and funkier now with slightly increased tartness. On the other hand, the dark fruits are still great, but have mellowed out. A

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