Civil Disobedience

So, I’m just going to say that these beers should not be aged. Best of the set was CD9, CD6, and CD7 in that order. The rest were very “meh”. I’d much rather have Brother Soigne over any of the CD beers at this point in time. On that note, CD 5 was brilliant when fresh.



Civil Disobedience #1: All brett. Way overcarbed.


Civil Disobedience #2: All pine sol right here


Civil Disobedience #3: This one wasn’t bad, nice surprise after the first 2.


Civil Disobedience #4: What a turd. I hate this beer.


Civil Disobedience #5: Not as good as I remember, but still pretty awesome.


Civil Disobedience #6: Fantastic beer, but it was also better when it was fresh.


Civil Disobedience #7: Weird that this beer has a diacetyl flavor to it. For those of you who aren’t into beer, diacetyl is that buttery popcorn taste that you sometimes get in beer.


Civil Disobedience #8: Why would you rebrew #4?


Civil Disobedience #9: Probably the best one, tastes very similar to l’brett d’or.

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