21 Beer Street

Never saw 21 Jump Street, so my friends made me watch. It was paired with alcohol of the beer variety.


10 Barrel Cherry Crush: This is good, but has a bit of medicinal cherry flavor to it. Definitely the weakest of the Crush beers that I’ve had so far. B


De Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Still just as good as I remember. Minimal funk, but tons of sourness and cranberry with a very smooth mouthfeel. A


Upland Lightsynth: This beer has that very signature “Upland” roughness. I can’t really pin it down, but it’s like a grainy acetic flavor. Don’t get me wrong though, this beer is tasty, but I think it also killed the skin lining my mouth. B+


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Fucking dominates any of the Civil Disobedience beers. Hands down, and way easier to trade for. Nice and refreshing, with a light lime flavor blending in with the standard saison tartness and Hill Farmstead funk and dry finish. A+


Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy: So fucking good. It’s right up there with BCBVS as one of my favorite dark beers. This bottle was also carbonated! A+

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