More De Garde….they release too many bottles.

First world problems are abundant here in Portland.



De Garde Lee Kriek: Surprisingly better than Vin Lee, and much less explosive. Tart and funky with a really prominent cherry flavor. You get a huge hit of that cinnamon flavor that you find in beers such as Montmorency vs. Balaton and Lou Pepe Kriek. This one is a winner. A


Enginehouse #9 De Garde Anniversary Blend: I think this one had raspberries and rhubarb in it. Whatever is in it, it was very drinkable, more like a light lemonade than a beer. B+/A-


Sante Adarius Appreciation batch 2: Not nearly as good as batch 1, mainly due to less boysenberry flavor. I prefer boysenberry bu to this one, but I would trade for this and drink it all day long. A-

IMAG2102 IMAG2104

Well fuck. Herfst > Winter > Everything else drank that day.

The following are almost all irrelevant:


Block 15 Abracadabra: Pretty sure this is the batch of infected imagine blended with cherries. It’s really good. A+


We lost a good man that day…

IMAG2108 IMAG2107

Some other turds, like Imperial Vin Bu Tempranillo and Alpine Nelson. Stupid stuff all around.

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