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Christmas in August

Hmm, a large box from Belgium has arrived!


Dexter says, “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!!!!”


Straffe Winter, Herfst, Zomer, Lente, Malvasia Rosso, Fond Geuze 1989, OGV 2007, Fou Foune, Cuvee Saint-Gilloise, and Zwanze 2010.

I’m going to go and fondle myself now.

Birthday Time

My climbing buddy celebrated his birthday over the weekend, and since he’s also a big beer geek, we did a little tasting while enjoying some BBQ.



Uli Blend! This was the Calvados lambic, and it was the best beer of the day. So delicious and funky. A+


Lost Abbey Cable Car: After trying the Uli, this beer really doesn’t have much funk to it by comparision, and is much sweeter. Still delicious, but I think I may have started trying bottles in the wrong order…A


De Garde Cherry Rum Bu: This is one of the newest Keeper’s beers, and it’s really good. I can’t say there is really any rum barrel to be found here, but the sweet cherries have dampened the sour levels on the base beer, making much more delicate than the other bu’s. A


De Garde Blu Bu: 3L bottle is big…


Bruery Winefication: Please give me the Syrah and the Black Tuesday separately please. The combination really isn’t doing anything good here. I like this beer, but the result is less than the sum of its parts. B+


Russian River T25: Just cause.


Gotta blend the two big bottles together. Turned out just like Winefication! Don’t blend these.


I don’t even know why this was here.

De Garde Keepers Release #3

Went to De Garde’s third Keepers release on Saturday. Beautiful Tillamook day, 75 degrees, with tons of car farts no-so-far off in the distance.


De Garde Black Raz Bu: One of the juiciest, jammiest things I’ve ever put into my mouth. I think this could be the best beer they’ve made….A+


De Garde Blu Bu: Yep, tastes like the first batch. I would hold onto these for a few months to let them funk up a bit. A


Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic: Yep, still one of the best krieks around. A+


Sante Adairius Cask 200: This is my favorite SARA beer. Consistent from batch to batch and delicious! A


I did this for science.


Upright Single Cask Six: This beer has turned to a completely different animal from when I had it last time. It’s even better than before. A+

Time to re-up on Hill Farmstead.



I love myself some Arthur.

I love this stuff

I’m going to be really sad when this stuff is gone…meanwhile I’m going to drink a can every day.


I do love my Armands….I guess I’ll try some mead too.


RIP Robin Williams

You’re the best buddy.


IMAG2305 IMAG2306


Heard from a friend that this beer was going bad, so I had to find out for sure.



Verdict: My friend is full of shit! This is great!

There be oranges


De Garde Desay a l’Orange: There is a lot of citrus in here. The orange peel really keys in well with the Saison Desay base. That being said, I think this beer is best when put into Chardonnay barrels (see the side project collaboration). B/B+

It’s hot out….so more berliners!

IMAG2277 IMAG2278